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Year 2011

Mound of Fame

Monday, 30 July 2012 11:30


Recently, the most significant monument in Mozyr 'Mound of Glory, "added a new object of the memorial - a soldier's exposure to the helmet and black drooping tulips.

This memorial is a mnogokompozitsionnoe building, which was originally erected in memory of those who died defending their homeland during World War II. The first objects of the memorial became a many-cube. Mozyr district organization NGO "Belarusian Union of Afghanistan War Veterans" has decided to place a memorial plaque here in memory of those who performed their international duty. The idea of ​​creating a memorial composition was kept a secret organization of Mozyr. The plans, "the Belarusian Union of Afghanistan Veterans," knew only a few, and among them were, and factory workers. The fact that in July this year, Mozyr district organization appealed to the company "TSENTROLIT" with a request for assistance in the implementation of the object. And the help was provided to factory workers in a manufacturing helmets and black drooping tulips.

Both iron element - part of the exhibition plaque victims in the Republic of Afghanistan, soldiers-internationalists Mozyrschiny - will be installed at the Mound of Glory in early August of this year.


Fair "Machine Engineering 2012"

Wednesday, 11 April 2012 08:14

From 10.04.2012 to 13.04.2012 we invite you to visit the exhibition Engineering-2012, which will take place at Minsk Pobediteley 20 building 2, arena football during the exhibition from 10.00 to 18.00

At the exhibition work of our experts:

Deputy Head of Marketing Triputenok Svetlana.

Chief of Bureau of casting corps Drobyshevskaya Irina.


Resource conservation

Thursday, 05 April 2012 11:20

As part of the energy saving measures at the enterprise "Tsentrolit" in the shop number 10 is the modernization of the boiler. It establishes the hot-water boilers Pyrolysis HF-P-0 ,3-95. They are designed to heat water, which will be used as a coolant. Moreover, the equipment is designed to work in the local form of fuel - wood.

Heating boilers commissioned by our company are designed and manufactured in one of the Gomel plant - said Olga Cherepanov chief power. - Before the new equipment came in the shop number 10, the company has carried out preparatory work. It was not without the active participation of employees of the department chief power. In addition, employees of the construction team, "TsENTROLITa" concreting was carried out sites for the installation of thermal boilers.

In the matter of assembling and binding "Centrolit" supported RPUP "Gomelenergosberezhenie." commissioning and startup of equipment made by specialists of the enterprise.

The advantages of boilers are indisputable: The main advantage - it saves gas.

The introduction of new equipment is expected in the current quarter of this year.


First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus visited JSC "GOMEL FOUNDRY PLANT"TSENTROLIT"

Thursday, 25 August 2011 14:26

First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko has made a working trip to Gomel region, during which together with the Deputy Chairman of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee Boleslav Pirshtuk and Deputy Chairman of the Gomel City Executive Committee Sergei Andreev visited JSC "GOMEL FOUNDRY PLANT"TSENTROLIT".

"My main function - to help, not control. I am a working trip to find out what companies have problems, contribute to their solution, answer questions and give explanations, "- these were the first words of Vladimir Semashko treatment to senior employees of the plant.
According to First Deputy Prime Minister, Foundry - a promising field of industry. Production of the plant must meet the requirements of the market, and this requires the modernization of production. First Deputy Prime Minister encouraged the company to take a long-term credit, which should be directed to the re-equipment.

Responding to questions from the factory workers' TSENTROLIT"to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus, First Deputy Prime Minister convinced that its construction is vital for the country and that this project has already been invested.


Working Visit

Thursday, 11 August 2011 14:25

8/10/2011 Vice Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko visited

JSC "GOMEL FOUNDRY PLANT"TSENTROLIT"during a working visit to Gomel region. More information about the event, read the following news.